High Quality Metal Infinity Cube + Case

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The infinity cube, but not as you know it!

This high quality version of the classic fidget toy is made of aluminium, and as a result is solid and cool to the touch compared to plastic versions.

The colours are reflective and deep, this fidget would not be out of place in an office or work function. The effect of the metal changes the weight and look of this infinity cube fidget. It is heavier, and can take a little while to get used to, but ultimately creates a satisfying click noise with depth and durability. 

Transformed into a quality ornament, reminescent of a newton's cradle but with more useability, this highly decorative and durable infinity cube would make an excellent gift for a birthday or special occasion. This is a cube with a significant lifespan compared to others you may find. For an extra special version, try the beautiful and unusual Lava cube - each features a unique golden splash design on an otherwise metallic red cube.

As a bonus, this version comes with a hard-shelled plastic case with zipper and inner mesh pocket. A great way to protect the delicate metal joints on this metal infinity cube, this means you could pop it in your bag safely and securely. The price includes the case!

This fidget is probably our most mature and high quality offering yet, but if you're looking for a lower budget alternative, please check our other cubes for alternatives.

A proportion of all our profits go towards fidgets for people in the UK struggling with mental health, chronic illness or anxiety. To find out more click here.

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