Simpl Dimpl Style Pop It Keyring - Pocket Sized Bubble Wrap Silicone Fidget

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Looking for something tiny and irrestibly fidgety?

These mini silicone pop it keyrings are the perfect size to take with you on the go for the bubble-wrap fidget feeling.

They come in a choice of 4 colours, and easily fit in your hands for popping with your thumbs or fingers.

  • Noise warning: This fidget makes a satisfying click when you pop it in either direction - for this reason it might not be ideal for classrooms, libraries or offices; it's better for being at home or in an area where there is already other noises.
  • Very discreet when not in use. Because this is a keyring and quite small, it shouldn't attract unwanted attention if you're just getting used to using fidgets in public.

If you've tried the silicone bubble mats and found them too large to hold, this ergonomic little shape should be the perfect change of pace for you!

This cute little fidget also works well as an unusual and brightly coloured keyring, helping you find your keys more easily and making them extremely distinctive, while not being immediately obvious as a fidget tool or toy. This way, show or hide your fidgeting as much as you want - you are in control.


A proportion of all our profits go towards fidgets for people in the UK struggling with mental health, chronic illness or anxiety. To find out more click here.

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