Skinny Stretch Noodles (Multipack)

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Silent, subtle, and addictively fidgety!

A slimline smaller version of the chunky noodles we offered before, these noodles are no thicker than a pencil, and packed full of versatility.  These simple noodles are remarkably resilient to pulling and stretching, so experiment to see what works for you.

They are non-sticky but can pick up dirt, so it's recommended to keep away from excessive dirt and dust. A quick wash with handsoap or washing up liquid will freshen them up easily if you do accidentally drop them.

As a low budget option, you'll be amazed at how much satisfying fidgeting you'll get from your noodles.

Length Note: Not all noodles will be the same length, length may vary by 1 / 2 cms, the same length of noodles cannot be guaranteed. If same length is important to you, the noodle ends can easily be chopped, creating a blunted choppier look without damaging the useability of the items.

These noodles come in 6 colours: Pink, Purple, Blue, Yellow, Orange, and Green.

A proportion of all our profits go towards fidgets for people in the UK struggling with mental health, chronic illness or anxiety. To find out more click here.

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