About Us

Hello there!

We are Stimology UK, an independent UK business run by autistic adults, for autistic and sensory adults.

Meet the Creator

My name is Fen, and Stimology is my creation.


I was diagnosed autistic last year aged 25, and I’ve been sensory all my life. I used to fiddle with anything I could find at school just to meet my sensory needs and stay focused.


But when I started looking for a website in the UK who offered a great range of fidgets, I couldn’t! All the main websites were for schools and kids, and I didn’t feel comfortable buying items marketed to children.


We know that people don’t just grow out of their sensory needs, so I felt it was important we have a space that reflects grown-ups too.


Neurodiverse and sensory people shouldn’t have to purchase from toy shops designed for kids and novelty, and we deserve proper support and customer service unlike buying from online auction sites.


I studied economics but like many others in the neurodiverse community since leaving education, I’ve found the world of work to be challenging. I've also worked as a support worker and in a children’s charity, and I realised this lack of resources wasn’t only in my head.


There are lots of people out there who aren’t children, who still want to explore sensory resources in a supportive environment.


I aim to bring together common sensory items that can be hard to get hold of in the UK, providing quick delivery, eco-friendly packaging, and a supportive website that can introduce other age appropriate and some of the more subtler or obscure stimming products.


Our Community


I want everyone to feel this is the place to come for UK fidgets.


Here, we’re sensory friendly and know that stimming isn't childish or wrong.


Proactively managing your sensory needs is vital for self care, and it’s nothing anyone should be embarrassed about.


There’s a huge amount of people all in the same boat, starting to think about what would make them feel more comfortable, and learning how to “unmask”.


We’re starting to realise how damaging ignoring our sensory needs are, and we’re starting to explore solutions that can help us.


Stimology UK is here for this growing community 💜 💜 💜



The Future

Because we’re only a small company, we want to be responsible and grow steadily.


As we grow, we hope to offer more variety, like supporting sensory-friendly clothing, neuro-diverse books, and everyday gadgets like protective ear-buds, tinted glasses and weighted blankets.


Getting the right sensory tools is a bit like a science, you’re constantly exploring and experimenting to see what works well, and our name "Stimology" reflects this part of the process.


I never want to hide that we’re about stims and sensory needs! I want to make sure we reach all people who need these specific sensory items, not just novelty gadgets. In future, we'll be able to reach more locations outside of the UK, and offer a wider selection of anti-anxiety products.



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