We are proud to announce our new partnership with the Kindness Cards Project, a small UK charity for mental health!

For every item Stimology sells, a portion of profits will go towards donating fidgets to the Kindness Cards Project, who send free kindness cards & self-care packages to anyone in the UK who has any chronic illness/disability/MH condition.

We're really glad to be partnering with an autistic-led charity who make a real difference to mental health and supporting self-care in the UK. Mental health and community support are extremely important to our principles here at Stimology, so it's great to be supporting a small charity that is building a community sense of love and compassion.

What's lovely about the Kindness Cards Project is that by supporting it, we can all support each other as a community - we are not alone. Even though it's called "self-care", we still need to feel supported by other people. So when you treat yourself to some shiny new fidgets, you will be helping other people to access fidgets as well!



 The Founder of Kindness Cards

Beth, the founder and heart of kindness card project. She has curly long blond hair and is wearing tinted glasses with black frame. the photo has a red tint to it.


My name is Beth Graham, I’m 20, I’m autistic.

I set up the Kindness Cards Project because I wanted to help people who were like me, and help people who may be struggling, with either a disability, chronic illness, mental health condition, or who are just going through a hard time for whatever reason. 

To find out more about the Kindness Cards Project, check out their social media pages at:

Instagram – @kindnesscardsproject

Facebook – Kindness Cards Project