Tie-Dye Fidget Pop Bubble Pad - Pastel Pink

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Fantastic popping stim toy in a beautiful tie-dye design, this pop it fidget pad is one of the most requested items in our store.

This pop it fidget pad is a great stim toy if you like bubble-wrap, you'll enjoy this sustainable alternative.

This silicon fidget can also be squished and folded which gives it another dimension. The divots can be popped from both sides and you can create your own techniques according what you find most satisfying. Fidget bubble pads are also great for practising dexterity and you'll be able to get quicker with this fidget over time.

Colour is a mixture of white, pale pink and pale blue and is somewhat varied in each product due to the production process create a unique yet similar tie dye design each time.

This pop-it makes a popping sound so make sure you enjoy in a space where sound is tolerated, perhaps during a break or whilst working from home.


A proportion of all our profits go towards fidgets for people in the UK struggling with mental health, chronic illness or anxiety. To find out more click here.

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