Chewellery - Pink Spirit Necklace

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Chewellery - jewellery that does both!

If you are always finding yourself chewing on necklaces or pen tops, it might be time to try chewellery. Made from a robust silicone, this is made to be chewed, so you don't need to hold back.

This simple design comes on a black cord with breakaway clasp. If you prefer to use another cord, the cord can be untied and replaced.

The hole in this simple pendant necklace makes it a unique texture experience for chewing.

Usage: This is a medium chewy necklace, which means it is firm and somewhat bendy. You can clean by spraying with disinfectant or washing under the tap and air-drying.

**Safety: These items are sprayed with disinfectant and wiped off before being posted - please wash and rinse before using to ensure the highest standard of safety and hygiene**


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