Magnetic Moons and Stars Sculpture - Celestial Fidget Ornament

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Disclaimer: Not suitable for people with limited danger awareness due to small parts.
Explore your creative muscles with this gorgeous sculpture tool!
Perfect for a desk ornament if you get bored at work and you enjoy being able to fiddle and fidget with your decorations, this magnet sculpture looks beautiful enough just as a display, but not only that you can use it to fidget and get your creative focus back.
The sculpture is made up of a 9.5cm dark black magnetic base, which provides a elegant contrast to the shiny silver magnet parts that make up the rest of the display.

Truly, this ornament is even more irresistible in real life than how amazing it looks in pictures.
The magnetic parts are very small, and there are plenty of them to create towers, arches and other creative shapes with. As you adjust the magnets, it provides tactile stimulation and makes delicate clicking sounds similar to ASMR relaxation soundtracks.
A truly perfect and grown up looking fidget toy for the professionals and students in your life, it's gorgeous and charming and looks great in any environment.
Packaging contains assorted metal shapes, 9.5cm magnetic base, and small plastic bag for parts prior to assembling. Item arrives in cardboard packing.
Small parcel postage costs apply.

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