Spinner Ring - Silver Rainbow Jewels

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Mesmerizing, isn't it?

This gorgeous spinner ring is a perfect subtle fidget tool.

There are 6 different coloured glittery gems set in on a silvery shiny metal base that spins with just a flick of your thumb or fingers.

Nearly silent and unobtrusive, fidget jewellery is extremely acceptable and cute way to start bringing your whole self to work or school. Not only does it look great, it also provides sensory input to help you through your day and maintain better focus.

Usage note: The wheel spins with the gems, and spins semi-freely - it continues for a very short while after being spun. There is a tiny metallic sound when spun that may be noticeable in silent environments, due to the movement of the ring.


Size notes:

For size guidance, please refer to the size guide image which shows the size of the ring in relation to common UK coins. If you already own rings, you can compare sizes and pick whichver is the closest match.

As an approximate guide, the sizes can be describe as follows:

6  = Extra Small
7 - 8 = Small
9 - 10 = Medium
11 -12 = Large

Note: This size guide includes adults, for example a 12 large will fit a large adult man's hand, whilst a 6 might be more suitable for a child


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