Squeeze Bead Narwhal

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This BEAUTIFUL narwhal is a large and satisfying silent fidget, which comes in 3 beautiful jewel colours of blue, pink and dusky rose.

Squeezing the narwhall is incredibly satisfying due to the feeling of the textured small plastic balls and liquid inside of it. If you've ever used Orbeez, it's a similar but much neater sensation with no mess.

The tail on this narwhal holds itself up with a perky little curl, and it has a narwhal horn and small fins on its sides too. This would make a cute little friend even if it wasn't such a great satisfying squish fidget.

This product is mildy moist feeling due to the soft plastic, please be aware of this if you are sensitive to this. In a similar way, it has a slight plasticy smell, but this is not too extreme.


USAGE NOTES: This item is porous and not suitable for play in water. To clean it please use a dampened cloth.

If squeezed aggressively, this squish toy may burst. There will not be refunds for burst with normal use, however in the event of a leak on arrival please contact Fen@stimology.co.uk with your order number.

A proportion of all our profits go towards fidgets for people in the UK struggling with mental health, chronic illness or anxiety. To find out more click here.

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